APRS Activity in Europe

Paths of 500 km or more. Switch to 250 km view.
IM58: SSW 1330 km to IL27
IN63: NNE 630 km to IN78
IN73: N 550 km to IN78
IN73: NNE 510 km to IN87
IN87: SW 600 km to IN63
IN87: SSW 520 km to IN73
IN97: SSW 520 km to IN73
JM49: E 620 km to JM89
JM49: ENE 520 km to JN70
JN00: E 720 km to JN40
JN02: ESE 660 km to JN40
JN13: ESE 620 km to JN40
JN37: ENE 720 km to JN88
JN40: W 730 km to IN90
JN49: E 560 km to JN87
JN68: WSW 560 km to JN37
JN78: W 510 km to JN49
JN83: NW 500 km to JN56
JO59: N 670 km to JP65
JO73: ENE 760 km to KO23