APRS Activity in Europe

Paths of 500 km or more. Switch to 250 km view.
IM98: NNE 800 km to JN34
IM99: NE 700 km to JN33
JM08: NE 1030 km to JN53
JM19: NE 790 km to JN53
JM19: NE 780 km to JN53
JM19: NE 760 km to JN53
JM78: NW 670 km to JN52
JN02: ENE 730 km to JN53
JN11: ENE 700 km to JN53
JN12: ENE 690 km to JN53
JN23: SW 690 km to JM08
JN33: SW 690 km to IM99
JN33: SSW 620 km to JM19
JN33: SSW 570 km to JM19
JN52: ESE 660 km to JM78
JN53: SW 1040 km to JM08
JN61: S 550 km to JM66
JN83: WNW 500 km to JN55