APRS Activity in Oceania

Paths of 250 km or more. Switch to 500 km view.
QF28: NE 970 km to QG62
QF44: NNE 570 km to QF58
QF48: E 260 km to QF58
QF55: N 520 km to QG50
QF56: WSW 350 km to QF35
QF58: SSW 550 km to QF44
QF59: NNE 270 km to QG51
QG45: N 290 km to QG48
QG51: SSW 290 km to QF59
QG56: NW 250 km to QG48
QG62: SW 970 km to QF18
RE68: ENE 250 km to RE79
RF71: NNW 360 km to RF64