APRS Activity in North America

Paths of 250 km or more. Switch to 500 km view.
CM97: E 280 km to DM06
CO82: NNW 290 km to CO85
DM06: SSE 290 km to DM14
DM12: WNW 290 km to DM04
DM49: ESE 330 km to DM67
DM67: WNW 310 km to DM49
EM40: NW 270 km to EM31
EM95: E 320 km to FM14
EN35: ENE 310 km to EN55
EN54: SSW 300 km to EN42
FM03: WNW 250 km to EM95
FM14: W 350 km to EM94
FM15: SW 270 km to FM04
FM26: WNW 330 km to FM07
FN13: WNW 260 km to EN94