APRS Activity in North America

Paths of 250 km or more. Switch to 500 km view.
CM89: ESE 270 km to DM07
CM97: E 290 km to DM06
CM97: E 280 km to DM06
CM97: NW 240 km to CM89
DM05: SE 390 km to DM12
DM06: WNW 400 km to CM88
DM06: SE 320 km to DM14
DM12: NW 400 km to DM05
DN36: N 270 km to DN48
DN55: N 310 km to DN57
EM04: SE 320 km to EM12
EM26: WNW 280 km to EM07
FN44: NE 270 km to FN65