APRS Activity in North America

Paths of 250 km or more. Switch to 500 km view.
DM25: WNW 290 km to DM07
DM47: W 300 km to DM27
DM49: E 340 km to DM68
DM62: N 260 km to DM65
DM67: WNW 310 km to DM49
DN84: WSW 250 km to DN63
EL96: N 840 km to FM04
EM01: WSW 510 km to DM70
EM04: SSE 280 km to EM02
EM28: NNW 250 km to EN21
EM40: NW 340 km to EM32
EM56: E 310 km to EM76
EM60: ENE 340 km to EM81
EM68: SSE 320 km to EM76
EM75: NNE 260 km to EM87
EM81: N 560 km to EM96
EM81: NW 280 km to EM73
EM84: SSE 300 km to EM91
EM87: SSW 300 km to EM74
EM95: SSE 280 km to FM02
EM96: SW 370 km to EM74
EM97: SE 490 km to FM13
EN29: WSW 280 km to EN19
EN29: S 260 km to EN27
EN46: SSW 260 km to EN34
EN47: SE 390 km to EN54
EN53: SSW 350 km to EN40
EN94: WNW 260 km to EN85
FM04: W 350 km to EM84
FM04: NNW 310 km to FM07
FM08: SSE 380 km to FM04
FM08: ESE 290 km to FM16