APRS Activity in North America

Paths of 250 km or more. Switch to 500 km view.
CM96: ESE 290 km to DM15
CM97: ESE 290 km to DM06
CM97: ESE 260 km to DM06
CO83: NNW 270 km to CO85
DM09: ESE 270 km to DM18
DM15: NE 300 km to DM36
DM22: NE 330 km to DM43
DM24: E 310 km to DM33
DM25: ESE 380 km to DM33
DM33: NNW 450 km to DM37
DM34: SE 300 km to DM42
DM34: SE 270 km to DM42
DM41: NNE 300 km to DM54
DM42: NW 310 km to DM34
DM43: NW 480 km to DM27
DM43: NE 380 km to DM65
DM49: ESE 320 km to DM67
DM52: WNW 270 km to DM33
DM54: SSW 320 km to DM41
DM57: SE 330 km to DM65
DM57: SSE 250 km to DM65
DM57: SSE 250 km to DM65
DM62: N 260 km to DM65
DM65: SW 370 km to DM43
DM65: WSW 310 km to DM54
DM82: SSE 280 km to DM80
DM90: NW 260 km to DM82
DN36: N 270 km to DN48
DN83: W 260 km to DN63
DO34: N 290 km to DO46
DO46: SSE 310 km to DO43
EM01: NW 360 km to DM94
EM40: WNW 270 km to EM31
EN81: W 350 km to EN62