APRS Activity in Europe

Paths of 250 km or more. Switch to 500 km view.
IM69: N 330 km to IN62
IN60: NNE 300 km to IN72
IN72: S 270 km to IN60
IN90: NNE 260 km to JN02
JM78: NNW 250 km to JN70
JN04: SSW 260 km to IN92
JN05: SSW 300 km to IN92
JN13: W 260 km to IN93
JN23: SE 420 km to JN40
JN33: SE 430 km to JN40
JN36: NNW 340 km to JN39
JN37: NNE 250 km to JN49
JN40: NW 440 km to JN33
JN63: NNW 260 km to JN56
JN66: S 270 km to JN63
JN74: N 310 km to JN77
JO40: NW 1260 km to IO89
JO70: W 530 km to JO31
KN13: NNE 310 km to KN25
KN23: NNE 290 km to KN25
KN90: N 280 km to KN93
KN93: SSW 330 km to KN90