APRS Activity in Europe

Paths of 250 km or more. Switch to 500 km view.
IM58: SSW 1320 km to IL18
IM58: N 270 km to IN51
IM59: ENE 290 km to IM79
IM88: WNW 280 km to IN70
IN70: N 280 km to IN73
IN72: SSW 300 km to IN60
IN73: S 290 km to IN70
JN24: SW 290 km to JN12
JN45: SW 250 km to JN34
JN63: NNE 320 km to JN85
JN67: WSW 250 km to JN47
JN95: NE 260 km to KN16
KM09: NNE 370 km to KN12
KM09: ESE 300 km to KM17
KM47: WSW 260 km to KM27
KN12: SSW 360 km to KM09
KN13: NNE 310 km to KN25
KN16: SW 270 km to JN95
KN18: W 280 km to JN98