VHF Propagation Map

APRS mapping had been suspended pending an open source solution.

Latest update: Removed static test polygons and now showing live top 50 propagation polygons. — 2018.11.19 1320Z

See the map progress.

Jon, NG0E

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Donations accepted
$5 USD
$10 USD
$25 USD

If you appreciate this service and wish to donate, funds received will be used to repair the vhf and uhf antennas at the local public high school.

Payments are not required to use this service, nor do they imply an added benefit such as a higher grade of service or continuation of the service.

Progress Checklist

OpenLayers map display
DoneShow blank map
DoneAccess maps from rails
DoneAdd static polygon
DonePolygon style
PendRemove polygon
PendReset style
PendPlace html element on map at specific lat/lon
PendUse Z-index for stacking order
ProgPixel distances between two map points
Note: see olmap.getPixelFromCoordinate()
APRS Footprint
ProgShow live footprint
PendRestore yellow to red shading
PendSet opacity
PendFootprint labels
PendRemoval of stale footprints
Pan and Zoom
PendRetrieve map center
Note: see olmap.getView().getCenter()
PendSet map center
PendRetrieve zoom level
Note: see olmap.getView().getZoom()
PendSet zoom level
PendHover to select footprint
PendPopup callsigns of APRS stations
PendShow station details
PendDetect panning
PendDetect zooming
PendRetrieve view boundaries
Note: see olmap.getView().calculateExtent()
ProgIn progress