VHF Propagation Map

APRS mapping suspended pending
an open source solution.

Watch this page for updates.

See the map progress.

Jon, NG0E 17 November 2018
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Progress Checklist

OpenLayers map display
DoneShow blank map
DoneAccess maps from rails
DoneAdd static polygon
DonePolygon style
PendRemove polygon
PendReset style
PendUse Z-index for stacking order
PendPlace html element on map at specific lat/lon
APRS Footprint
ProgShow live footprint
PendSet opacity
PendRemoval of stale footprints
PendHover to select footprint
PendPopup callsigns of APRS stations
PendShow station details
ProgIn progress
Recent activity (last 10 minutes)
CM96eq EM37je 2514
CM96eq EM37jf 2512
DM26jb DM13au 351
DM33kb DM12tv 305
DM53va DM41ew 342
DM89gb DM68tm 255
DN15jg DN27ek 270
DN41dr DN20rh 284
DN46ap CM87xi 1321
DN83du DN63mv 257
EJ88rt FJ09gb 343
EM29wx EN31xq 254
EN34jh EO78wa 1649
EN34ra EO78wa 1660
EN72xi EN93qj 302
FJ37ju FJ24hw 399
FL02mp FN03cf 2290
FN30iv EN72tr 940
GG52ri GG54os 267
IN60vm IN72ju 273
IO72xk IO74uv 275
JN56wk JN54nf 253
JN70fq JM77iw 305
JO29vd JP53ek 534
KJ10oa KM18fs 4310
KM72or KM64kw 328
OL19pm OM21bp 250
OM30jh OM21bp 300
QF22qd QE28sd 446
QF22rb QE28ux 346
QF31ip QE38pr 328
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